Certified Healthcare Constructors

Eight (8) of the nineteen (19) Alabama Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) Certificants are M. J. Harris Team Members according to the latest CHC list: dated December 15, 2014, and published by the American Hospital Association (AHA). Administered by AHA, the CHC exam is comprised of four parts: (1) Healthcare Industry Fundamentals; (2) Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) Process; (3) Healthcare Facility Safety; and (4) Financial Stewardship. Those who earn the CHC designation demonstrate a high level of knowledge, expertise and compliance in these areas and are recognized as being among the elite in the field of healthcare construction. These healthcare professionals also fully understand the impact construction and modernization activities have on patient safety including: infection control, fire and life safety, utility interruption planning and mitigation, project risk assessments, security and workplace safety.

M. J. Harris Certified Healthcare Constructors:

  • David Abbitt
  • Thomas (Jeff) Brasher
  • Matt England
  • Matt Hearn
  • Jeff Hendricks
  • Adam Inzina
  • Kyle Welch
  • Fred (Lamar) Zuiderhoek

M. J. Harris has more CHC Certified Team Members than any other General Contractor / Construction Manager in the State of Alabama.

  • James (Jim) Parker, CHC - Georgia

Founded in 1898, the AHA is a national organization that represents nearly 5,000 hospitals, healthcare networks, providers, and their patients and communities. Learn more here:

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