President & Ceo

Michael J. Harris

In his role as President & CEO, Mr. Harris places his primary focus on the strategic initiatives and objectives of the company. He remains principally involved in developing and strengthening client relationships, securing new projects, and providing comprehensive leadership across all levels of the organization. With a career spanning more than 25 years in healthcare construction, Michael possesses a thorough understanding of the unique challenges associated with the construction of medical facilities. During his tenure as President & CEO, M. J. Harris has experienced rapid growth and established itself as a leader in the healthcare construction industry.
Chief Financial Officer

Robbie Egan

Mr. Egan joined M. J. Harris in 1998. Currently serving as the company’s CFO, Robbie remains firmly concentrated on financial oversight, asset management, and legal matters. In addition, Robbie is also heavily involved in the company’s strategic planning efforts. Throughout his construction career, Robbie has fulfilled numerous field and corporate roles that have provided him with valuable experience in virtually all aspects of the industry.
Senior Vice President

Tommy Yeager

Mr. Yeager joined M. J. Harris in 2006. While currently serving as Senior Vice President, Tommy also manages our Nashville, Tennessee office. Tommy has continually placed a focus on both field operations and business development. Tommy has greatly expanded our Nashville client base during his tenure and these relationships have led to the rapid growth of our Nashville Office. Some of Tommy’s other responsibilities include daily coordination with our project teams and frequent evaluation of field employment needs.

In Memoriam

Cheif Administrative Officer

Robert Lambe

Robert Lambe began employment with M.J. Harris in 1997 as a Project Manager. Until his transition into the Birmingham Corporate Office in 2003, he traveled the country constructing and overseeing many healthcare construction projects of varying sizes and scopes. This role allowed him to gain valuable experience and certainly assisted him with his permanent move to the Birmingham Office as Vice President of Human Asset Management. Tasked with creating a list of working policies & procedures, many of which are still in place today, Robert used his skills and knowledge of field construction to draft these documents in order to allow our field teams to work as efficiently as possible. In 2011, he was promoted to Chief Administrative Officer; being responsible for employee development, safety, group benefits, technology, and our corporate culture.

Robert was deeply devoted to this company and its people. His unique ability to complete any task to perfection was seen by all who knew him. More important than the daily tasks was his desire to make those around him better. His proactive approach to solving problems and the energy with which he attacked each day undoubtedly made M.J. Harris a better place to work.

On April 18, 2016, Robert passed away after a lengthy illness. The void left from his passing will be forever felt, as there was not an area of the Company he left untouched. The employees of M.J. Harris will carry on his legacy by continuing our commitment to excellence, striving to be the best at what we do each day, and ensuring we meet the needs of others.

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